Tarpon Bay Villas Trash Collection


Check out the City's information page about trash collection

Household garbage: Monday and Thursday

Garbage should be contained in strong, secured plastic bags and brought curbside no sooner than the pick-up day morning. Garbage should not be put in the recycling can.

Recycling: Thursday

Port St. Lucie has switched to single-stream recycling. That means all recyclables -- newspapers, catalogs, phone books, magazines, cardboard, glass, steel products, aluminum, plastic and more go in the huge supplied green plastic container on wheels. What is and is not accepted is outline on the lid of the ccontainer. They should be placed curbside no earlier than the morning of the pick-up day. For more information, cityofpsl.com/kpslb/singlestream/index.html

Yard waste: Friday

Yard waste is not collected with other trash. It should be put curbside Friday mornings and be of manageable size (no longer than 4-feet). It should not be in plastic bags, but can be in trash cans or paper bags.

Household hazardous waste:
Take to St. Lucie County Landfill

The following items need to be taken directly to the landfill and are not to be disposed of at the curbside:

  • Flammables - old gasoline, diesel fuel, paints, solvents such as acetone and alcohols.

  • Automotive Products - used oil, brake fluid, antifreeze and transmission fluid.

  • Pesticides-Herbicides - Chlordane, fertilizers, round-up, flea sprays, Dursban and herbicides.

  • Corrosives - muriatic acid, bleaches, drain openers, chlorine, naval jelly, etc.

Containers larger than 5 gallons are not accepted.

Oversize items: Call trash hauler

If you have an appliance, furniture or other oversize item, you need to call the waste management company and arrange a date for it to be picked up. It is not to be placed curb-side before that day. There has been no charge for this in the past, but do clarify that when you call.

Contact information:
Waste Pro Florida
4100 Selvitz Road
Ft. Pierce, FL 34981-4738
PH: 772.595.9390 / Fax: 772.464.6690

For more informaion and directions to the St. Lucie County Landfill and more information, please check this site:


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